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Archive for juni 13th, 2020

2020-06-13 NATURAL NEWS ”Facebook relies on Gates-funded W.H.O. to define ‘vaccine misinformation’ ”

    Citat     WHO is the instrumentality of Bill Gates. Gates is the single largest donor to WHO and the world’s largest vaccine producer.     WHO’s 2019 pronouncement that “vaccine hesitancy” is one of the greatest global threats to public health, is, in itself, a whopping stretcher of vaccine misinformation.     That statement is […]

2020-06-13 DR MERCOLA ”Deconstructing Bill Gates’ Agenda”

      Citat     Gates Drives the Modern Eugenics Agenda     As noted by Corbett, eugenics was shunned following the second World War thanks to the atrocious acts of the Nazi’s, yet support for it didn’t die out. Instead, the concept of eugenics simply changed into discussions about population control and reproductive […]

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