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2020-08-20 DR. MERCOLA: ”Swiss Protocol for COVID — Quercetin and Zinc”


Hjälp till att sprida vidare i alla dina nätverk, det finns botmedel mot COVID-19, citerar lösryckta delar ur artikeln,  citat


”Swiss Protocol for COVID — Quercetin and Zinc”


A recently published Swiss Policy Research (SPR) protocol recommends people at high risk of COVID-19 or exposure to it use quercetin and zinc to treat the virus, in addition to other commonly available medications


Hydroxychloroquine studies with negative outcomes were marred by a delay in administering the drug, excessive doses of the drug, skewed data and contraindications that were not honored, according to SPR


Simple, safe and inexpensive COVID-19 treatments could render more complex medications and vaccinations obsolete



Vaccine makers and the health care practitioners who administer vaccines do not face any liability whatsoever if a new coronavirus vaccine turns out to be a catastrophe.


Worse, when a COVID-19 vaccine is ready to be marketed to the public, there likely will be little or no information about its long- and short-term side effects, because it will be so new and because it will lack the test of time for determining its efficacy and safety. Operation Warp Speed and fast-tracked vaccines may be largely unnecessary, as SPR writes:37


It is conceivable that the above treatment protocol, which is simple, safe and inexpensive, could render more complex medications, vaccinations, and other measures largely obsolete.”


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