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2020-09-30 MÅSTE SES: ”The Inside Scoop on COVID Pandemic?”



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The Inside Scoop on COVID Pandemic?



‘The Jab’ – a short video created by Children’s Health Defense – reveals why pharmaceutical companies have profited from past pandemics at the expense of the public’s health, and why it seems like déjá vu all over again with the COVID-19 pandemic.




The Inside Scoop on COVID Pandemic?



Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., created “The Jab” video, which highlights the gold rush that occurred for pharmaceutical companies when the World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic in 2009




It was June 11, 2009, when WHO declared H1N1 swine flu to be a Phase 6 global influenza pandemic, even though it had caused only 144 deaths worldwide




The pandemic declaration put previously arranged “sleeping contracts” into an active state, to the tune of $18 billion directed to the production of H1N1 vaccines, including GSK’s Pandemrix




Pandemrix was causally linked to childhood narcolepsy but GSK didn’t face any repercussions




Prior to the pandemic’s declaration, WHO changed their definition of “pandemic,” removing the previous requirement that it cause “enormous numbers” of deaths




Now, in the midst of another controversial pandemic, we’re facing an eerily similar playbook — with pharmaceutical companies eager to cash in on the first COVID-19 vaccine, begging the question, “Are we are being played — again?”


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