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Minister of Social Affairs Jacob Forssmed, Ministry of Social Affairs 2023-03-01 — SWEDEN UNDER REVIEW /SVERIGE GRANSKAS




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Minister of Social Affairs Jacob Forssmed, Ministry of Social Affairs

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Head of Legal Affairs Andreas Krantz

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This letter is to be duly registered by the Registrar, please request by return e-mail the full contact details of the person handling the case, please also request diary sheets/register extracts as proof that the case has been duly registered by the Registrar, to all the signatories’ e-mail addresses, see last page of this letter/communication and service


Confidentiality assessment; no confidentiality as the matter is of extremely high public interest nationally and internationally




Dear Minister and therefore Government of Sweden



SVERIGE GRANSKAS and the undersigned communicate to you the facts and evidence from the top specialist expert stated and communicated virally.

Leading expert Karen Kingston, USA, has shared the following, recently in Florida, USA,


COVID-19 mRNA injections are bioweapons.



By definition, COVID-19 mRNA injections are not vaccines, but only meet the criteria for biological weapons per 18 USC 175 .





The burden of proof to the contrary rests with you, the addressee and communicant of this communication, it is of the utmost public interest nationally and internationally that the Government of Sweden and the Minister assume your responsibility to humanity and the nation of Sweden’s People & Children, especially in light of the recent communication in Florida, USA




”‘Weapons of mass destruction’ means any biological agent (i.e. vaccine) that can be produced through biotechnology and can cause death, disease or other biological failure in a human being.” – FL Title 46 chap. 790,166


gene-editing bioweapons that contained advanced electronic technology (graphene oxide) and could only cause disease, disability and death.



You/you served read further in this service below;



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Do we all agree that COVID-19 mRNA injections are biological weapons now?


When is the right time to inform the American people that they have been subjected to psychological and biological warfare by their own government under the guise of public health and safety?


”What’s in the mRNA ”vaccines”?”

During the interview, I revealed the COVID-19 mRNA ”vaccine” patent and the manufacturer’s documentation showing that the mRNA ”vaccines” were gene-editing bioweapons containing advanced electronic technology (graphene oxide) that could only cause disease, disability and death.


After the interview aired, I was contacted by the leader of our movement and we have been working together to have all COVID-19 injections recalled and criminalized.






Kingston reports


2023-02-18 machine translation, read full article, quote

Devastating mRNA evidence presented at Florida public hearing


The hour-long question is: ”Is the claim that the COVID-19 mRNA injections are biological weapons a ‘false bomb threat’ or a real ticking bomb for all parties involved?”


Posted February 18, 2023:


During a public hearing on February 14, 2023, the Florida Collier County Commissioners and over 200 residents presented evidence that the covid-19 ”vaccines” are bioweapons.


The hearing was to vote on a $1.4 million NIH grant that included funds used for COVID-19 ”vaccine education,” among other CDC public health initiatives.


Commissioners voted unanimously to return the $1.4 million grant in its entirety to NIH.



As part of the hearing, I shared FDA-submitted Pfizer documents and Florida law showing that COVID-19 mRNA injections are bioweapons.


Emerald Robinson and I discussed the hearing during this interview .


Although I have asserted that covid-19 injections are bioweapons more than a hundred times over the past 22 months, February 14, 2023 was the first opportunity I had to present these assertions to government officials in a public government setting .



By definition, COVID-19 mRNA injections are not vaccines, but only meet the criteria for biological weapons per 18 USC 175 .



I am grateful to Liz Freeman of the Naples Daily News for accurately reporting the focus of my analysis; that the mRNA injections are bioweapons.


I concluded my presentation with Florida Title 46 Chapter 790.166 , which defines a bioweapon or ”weapon of mass destruction” as;


”‘weapon of mass destruction’ means any biological agent (i.e., vaccine) that can be produced through biotechnology and can cause death, disease, or other biological failure in a human being.” – FL Title 46 chap. 790,166



Read more and spread the word to all your networks best minister






Covid-19 injections are bioweapons


Machine translation, citation

Letter from the Commissioners


This is a ”blueprint” on how to articulate to local government officials and law enforcement that covid-19 injections are bioweapons and how they can either report a crime or be accomplices.



This SubStack article is a copy of the letter I sent to the Collier County Commissioners recommending that they return a $1.4 million NIH grant that included funding for ”educational materials” and programs advocating for covid-19 vaccination.


This letter was the catalyst that allowed me to publicly present evidence that COVID-19 injections are bioweapons to the Commissioners and over 200 residents in a government building on February 14, 2023.


The Commissioners voted unanimously to repay 100% of the NIH funds.

















Since earlier it has been reported about the PCR TEST FRAUD and the MARKETING FRAUD with the so called ”vaccines”, which in Sweden are marketed as ordinary vaccines, which these so called ”vaccines” demonstrably is not. These ”vaccines” are clearly what leading expert Karen Kingston, USA, shared in Florida, USA, recently.




SVERIGE GRANSKAS has ensured through Ulf Bittner, by mass mailing of facts, evidence, information and enlightenment


- that before the 2022 elections and after the 2022 elections, the Registrar of the Ministry of Social Affairs and many others, including all members of the Swedish Parliament, Speaker Andreas Norlén, the second highest in the hierarchy after the King of Sweden, have been served before the 2022 elections and after the 2022 elections with the PCR TEST FRAUD, as established in 2 confirmatory judgments, established in Portugal (within the EU) and in the Portuguese Court


- that the PCR TESTS are not scientific and not reliable, and furthermore it is stated despite these very very important judgements, the PCT TEST FRAUD has not been raised by any member of parliament, or any political party in the Swedish parliament, or the leaders of the political parties, before the 2022 elections and after the 2022 elections, for debate in the Swedish parliament about the PCR TEST FRAUD, and this is very very remarkable.


See among others.

SOCIALDEPARTEMENTET RK_Innehallsforteckning_1053 2022 12 28





The question then becomes why does the Swedish Government, the Swedish Parliament, all the party leaders, all the political parties in the Swedish Parliament, Speaker Andreas Norlén, before the 2022 elections and after the 2022 elections, protect the obvious namely what was established in Portuguese court in 2 establishing judgments in Portugal


- that the PCR TESTS are obviously what was established in court in the EU namely the PCR TEST FRAUD, which would long ago have had the effect


- to stop these so-called ”vaccines”/bioweapons, which generally and systematically harm and kill humanity and the nation of Sweden People and Children.






Professor Francis A Boyle, USA, Professor of International Law, recently shared in an interview, once again, what he has stated earlier which is again shared in this interview





PLANDEMIC ELITES BROKE Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act: Author Of 1989 Law: COVID IS A BIOWEAPON!





Request very urgent feedback from outside


- that it is the Minister’s duty and responsibility based on this general and systematic relationship that affects and has affected humanity and the nation of Sweden’s People and Children over time


- to stop these so-called ”vaccines”/bioweapons with immediate effect based on the facts and evidence served in this notification and previous notifications over time from SVERIGE GRANSKAS, all of which are in legal order over time are registered by inter alia the registrar at the Ministry of Social Affairs.


Refers to, inter alia, the Swedish Constitution and what has been previously served by former Minister Görel Thurdin; quote


A former Minister of the Environment wrote in a motion already in 1996, Motion to Parliament by Görel Thurdin, 1996/97:c545 ,


Democracy, the rule of law and the exercise of authority


”The role of the authorities Sweden is known to be a model of democracy and the rule of law. Having studied how our society works for a number of years, I am not prepared to endorse this claim entirely.


There is an oppression of people by the authorities in our country that is growing because we politicians are not taking responsibility for guiding the authorities and correcting their wrongdoing.


The authorities are tools, not power apparatuses.

They should follow decisions made by Parliament and the government and they should also interpret our decisions on the basis of the values presented in reports, bills, etc.

Authorities are not appointed to create their own value base, but to do the work they are appointed to do and they should have the humanistic view of humanity that is expressed in the decisions of the Parliament.


According to the Constitution, ”impartial and objective” should also not act as a party in scientific controversies.


Authorities should have clear roles and not be both judge and party in cases decided by another judicial authority. Above all, authorities should treat people with respect, not contempt or condescension or nonchalance.


Ministerial governance

The rule of law means that people are treated equally, have equal value before the law and have the same rights.


What I have read and tried to describe in this motion is not consistent with a society based on the rule of law.


Confidence in our democratic system is being undermined. It takes a strong commitment and will from the political level for the rule of law to prevail.


We in Parliament have a responsibility, via the Riksdag’s auditors, to follow up decisions and see how society complies with them.


The government and its various ministers have the main responsibility for implementing decisions and must exercise ministerial control to ensure that the intentions of Parliament are reflected in the way the authorities act.


There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent ministerial control.

The only thing a minister may not do is intervene in individual administrative matters. It is essential that the government more actively influences the way in which the authorities conduct their business.”


End quote.


Source of the above quote



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