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Petra Lundh, Head of Authority and Prosecutor General Petra Lundh, notification of PCR TEST FRAUD and CRIME AGAINST HUMANANITY 2022 09 10



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Head of Authority and Prosecutor General Petra Lundh

[email protected]

The Prosecution Authority of Sweden, Stockholm Head Office

Switchboard 010-562 50 00


[email protected]


This prosecutor’s notification of extremely serious criminal charges shall be duly registered by the Registrar of the Stockholm Prosecution Authority, Stockholm Head Office, requesting full contact details of the case officer appointed by the Head of the Authority and the Public Prosecutor Petra Lundh, together with a record sheet/diary number or diary sheet, as proof and confirmation that the prosecutor’s notification has been received and duly registered.


Please request this information by sending an e-mail to, see the e-mail addresses of the signatory/complainant at the bottom of this notification, and also to [email protected]  , [email protected] , [email protected]  and [email protected]


Confidentiality; no confidentiality as this prosecutor’s report is of very great public interest in Sweden and also of very great public interest internationally.


Other information; the notification will be served partly in Swedish and partly in English to the Swedish Prosecution Authority, based on what has been described above.





SVT/ Uppdrag Granskning revealed in a review programme about, quote

Preliminary investigation is initiated after SVT’s Uppdrag gransknings, UG’s, revelation about MPs accused of being registered at incorrect addresses and receipting allowances from the Riksdag.

The suspicion is fraud.

Jörgen Hellman (S), chairman of the tax committee, resigned from all his posts after it emerged that he was registered in a deserted house with no drains or toilets.

- I have decided to initiate a preliminary investigation, says chief prosecutor Per Nichols to Expressen.

End quote

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Criminal allegations of very serious fraud and more

SVERIGE GRANSKAS Ulf Bittner has over time notified all members of the Swedish Parliament, and thus all political parties in the Swedish Parliament, until today 2022-09-10 about the PCR TEST FRAUD and the Marketing fraud with the so-called ”vaccines”, which were marketed as ordinary vaccines to taxpayers in Sweden.


These mass mailings, with information and enlightenment, from SWEDEN WILL BE REGISTERED, as also notified to the Attorney General Petra Lundh, and shall be and are duly registered by the Registrar at the Stockholm headquarters, the Prosecution Authority in Stockholm.


These mass mailings of information and intelligence, evidence and facts, from SVERIGE GRANSKAS, about these extremely serious criminal allegations have clearly not ensured that the Attorney General has treated SVERIGE GRANSKAS in the same way as Uppdrag Granskning.


Thus, which is extremely remarkable, the public nationally and internationally may thus perceive and experience the Attorney General and the Prosecution Service in Sweden, as biased.


Thus, as it seems, the Prosecutor’s Office in Sweden is PROTECTING these now reported very serious criminal charges against all members of the Swedish Parliament and thus all political parties in the Swedish Parliament.


Thus a Medical Experiment with emergency approved so-called drugs/vaccines which are obviously gene therapy injections with toxins, which generally and systematically harm and kill humanity globally and nationally, as notified in these mass mailings from Sweden is being reviewed.


Thus, based on enormous financial incentives, apparently planned and fraudulently marketed as ordinary vaccines with tax money.


The ”vaccines” marketed as ordinary vaccines are until proven otherwise, which no one has yet claimed and delivered by any Member of Parliament or any political party in the Swedish Parliament, despite the possibility over time, thus admitted fact that the Prosecutor General Petra Lundh has to relate to in this report on these very serious criminal charges.




Sverige Granskas has in these mass mailings informed and educated all members of parliament and thus all political parties in the Swedish parliament, and the Prosecutor’s Office in Sweden with very many more power and authority practitioners in Sweden, which are financed by tax money, about what is communicated in this report on particularly very serious criminal charges.


Among other things, facts and evidence about the PCR TEST FRAUD have been served by Sweden Review to all recipients of Sweden Review’s mass mailings.


Established judgements within the EU, in Portugal, two pieces of establishing judgements, which established that the PCR TESTS are not scientific and are not reliable, have been served in the mass mailings time after time without any subsequent debate in the Swedish Parliament.


Thus, if such a public debate in the Swedish Parliament, broadcast live on SVT/SR, also completely tax-funded, would have been ensured/ effected by the legislators in the Swedish Parliament, i.e. all members of parliament and thus all political parties in the Swedish Parliament, then the so-called ”vaccines” would have been stopped with immediate effect.


Thus because the basis for the so-called WHO pandemic, more commonly known worldwide as a globalist planned agenda, which is also reported by Sweden Review in these mass mailings.


Thus, time after time, without any action either from all members of the Swedish Parliament, and thus all political parties in the Swedish Parliament, which has the effect that these are PROTECTING an apparently criminal global and national damaging and killing activity that is unprecedented in world history.


An agenda, a MEDICAL EXPERIMENT, which is contrary to the Nuremberg Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Helsinki Declaration, the Swedish Constitution, among others,


The European Convention on Human Rights, the Charter of Rights in the Lisbon Treaty, etc., seem to BREACH HUMAN HUMAN RIGHTS on a scale never before seen in Swedish or national history.

As it seems two gigantic huge mega FRAUDS against the nation of Sweden’s People & Children, orchestrated and fully tax-funded, and as it seems PROTECTED by fully tax-funded legislators, all MPs, and thus all political parties in Sweden’s Riksdag, until today’s date 2022-09-10.

In addition, these are apparently also protected by SVT/SR, the Prosecutor’s Office in Sweden, with several fully or partially tax-funded accomplices in these gigantic mega frauds.


What was previously communicated in the mass mailings from SVERIGES GRANSKAS and more can be found below, which is of particular importance in this notification;



Explosives: Bejerstrand, Bittner & Reiner Fuellmich



Explosives: Bejerstrand, Bittner & Reiner Fuellmich








From the subtitle of the video interview, quote


SVERIGE GRANSKAS interview with Robert Naeslund and Ulf Bejerstrand 2022-08-31

More information from the interview

Watch the video, in English, published on YouTube, which is the basis for the interview with Robert Naeslund and the founder of KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand, see the documentary/video

Absolute Brain

The documentary Absolute Brain is about the science of cybernetics and its political development with brain-computer technology and manipulation of genes.

It shows the early developments from the New York Times articles and their challenge to the CIA’s mind control system.


The film refers to facts from Swedish government investigations and the US Department of Health and Human Services.


It reflects the developments and the different projects from a US-Swedish perspective and this version has an ending related to the Swedish parliamentary elections in September 2022.


Here is a challenge to the current society and with the film we stand on the barricades and fight for something new.






Download this 35-page compendium for more information on





Read article about the video

Illegal brain technology has been tested on humans for decades


End quote



More in the SVERIGE GRANSKAS series

Ulf & Ulf talk to Sven-Erik Nordin, the answering doctor Part 1



Bittner, Bejerstrand and Answer the Doctor Sven-Erik Nordin part 2



Bittner, Bejerstrand & Dammegård




Other very important articles and video interviews and more;


Prosecutor Petra Lundh avoids questions on PCR test fraud – Almedalen 2022





Meet prosecutors in Almedalen

On Tuesday 5 July, the Swedish Prosecution Authority is organising three seminars in Almedalen, but prosecutors are also participating in seminars organised by other organisers.


Organiser Subject Time Prosecutors

Prosecutor’s Office Culture of silence

5 July 8.30-9.30 am RÅ Petra Lundh

Anna Svedin

Helene Gestrin

Prosecutor’s Office War Crimes

5 July 10-10.45 Hanna Lemoine

Reena Devgun

Prosecution Service Rape reports

5 July 11-11.45 Eva Johnsson

Helene Gestrin



Welcome to our seminars in Almedalen

Everything you want to know about war crimes, culture of silence and rape reports. On Tuesday 5 July, the Swedish Prosecution Authority is organising three seminars in Almedalen. Among other things, the Attorney General will take part in a panel discussion on the culture of silence in criminal cases.

From 8.30 am on Tuesday 5 July at Bulhuset on Cramérgatan 2 in Visby, the Attorney General, lawyers, judges, war crime prosecutors, civil society, police officers and others will talk and discuss topics such as war crimes, the culture of silence and rape reports.


8.30- 9.30 Breakfast seminar

Nobody talks – the culture of silence in crime. A threat to democracy?

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Swebbtv denied comment from MSB regarding covid vaccines – Almedalen 2022




Ass professor, physician Dr Björn Hammarskjöld and Ulf Bittner have made many prosecution complaints about e.g. the PCR TEST FRAUD to the Prosecution Authority in Sweden, and these are generally and systematically closed down, i.e. closed down without preliminary investigation and in completely legally unsound decisions.

In other words, decisions which are not fully justified, which is a clear violation of the Constitution, as has been demonstrated and proven to the Prosecutor General and head of the authority, Petra Lundh, head office, Stockholm, Prosecution Authority of Sweden, without any action being taken, the culture of silence prevails in full.

All fully provable, inter alia, set out in the mass mailings over time, which are duly registered by the registrar at the Ministry of Social Affairs and the registrar at the headquarters of the Prosecution Authority in Stockholm.



EU politician: ”Biggest scandal in medical history – biggest crime against humanity ever”

European Parliamentarian Christine Anderson is launching a merciless attack on the world’s governments for forcing the so-called covid-19 vaccine on people. She claims it is a dangerous substance and that mass vaccination must be stopped immediately.

- What in God’s name have they done? What the hell is going on?” she says.

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Malone: The vaccine damages the immune system – ”This is madness”

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96 percent of co-infection deaths are ”vaccinated”

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”Manipulative pattern” – authority stunned by Per Shapiro’s questions

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Public law professor: the power elite is poisoning us and our children – time to fight back

The power elite in various countries are out to wipe out groups that are draining the economy, including the elderly. So argues US international law professor Francis Boyle in an interview with Swebbtv. What is happening is comparable to Nazi Germany’s philosophy of ”useless eaters”, he argues. Covid-19 is a biological weapon and the ”vaccine” a crime against humanity, a genocide, according to the world-renowned jurist.

Read the full article and watch the video interview



Human rights lawyer Professor Francis Boyle: ”The Covid injections are genocide!”



It’s not a pandemic – it’s a war: The power elite is trying to control us

So-called covert management is not about health. Rather, it is about control and getting people used to being controlled. The ultimate goal is to change people’s behaviour and make them accept a new way of life – in the worst case through a digital control system. The attempt to control humanity is likely to continue, explains MEP Christine Anderson…

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Whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger warns of WHO plans – Interview by Jesper Johansson




Bioweapons expert Dr Merryl Nass – Northern Light Convention



Professor BRUTALT disappointed with Swedes: ”The vaccine is deadly dangerous – where are your brains?”

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”The vaccine has done far more harm than good”

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MEP Christine Anderson – Northern Light Convention






MEP Christine Anderson, who receives a copy of this prosecution complaint


The star attorney, world-renowned lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who over 2 years secured testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee



Press release Grand Jury proceedings






Read more about Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team in the Corona Investigative Committee



Watch videos published over more than 2 years sharing the expertise brought to the Corona Investigative Committee



Machine translation, read full article, quotes

The gene-based ”vaccines” are killing people. Governments all over the world are lying to you, the people, to the populations they purport to serve

There is ample evidence that the so-called Covid-19 mRNA ”vaccine” is a killer vaccine.




”The greatest medical experiment ever”

”This is the largest uncontrolled clinical trial (trial on humans) in medical history. An unsafe substance is injected into the body without anyone having a clue about the long-term risks. It is medical abuse on a grotesque scale.”

If you’re only going to watch one video about Covid-19 and so-called ”vaccines”, I recommend this one. It’s enlightening, factual and honest.





Of particular note


the killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policies, including through direct action, indifference and neglect

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Machine translation, read the whole article, quoting snippets from the article, citation

WHO and UN experts warn humanity

Dr. Silvia Behrendt and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger held leading positions in the World Health Organization and the United Nations. They reveal how the WHO has strategically infiltrated all the nations of the world with the aim of abolishing democracy and imposing its own tyranny on all humanity.

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Nuremberg 2022-08-20 of particular interest in this prosecutor’s complaint


Nuremberg 2022-08-20

Vera Sharav

”Unless we all resist, never again is now” – Full speech – Nuremberg, 20 August 2022

Very important article, read the whole article and see(videos) what happened in Nuremberg 2022-08-20, quoting loose parts of the article, machine translation, quotes


Humanity is currently under siege by the global heirs of the Nazis.


The Nuremberg Code has served as the basis for ethical clinical research since it was published 75 years ago. The Covid pandemic is being used as an opportunity to overturn the moral and legal parameters set out in the Nuremberg Code.


The Nuremberg Code is our defence against abusive experimentation.


Humanity is currently under siege by the global heirs of the Nazis.

A host of ruthless, interconnected, global billionaires have gained control of national and international political institutions.

They have begun to implement a diabolical agenda:

- Disrupt democracy and Western civilization;

- Depopulate the global population;

- Eliminate nation-states and establish a world government;

- Eliminate cash and establish a digital currency;

- Inject digital ID and artificial intelligence into every human being. If these goals become a reality, we will be digitally monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In May 2022, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Schwab, the architect of the dystopian Great Reset, declared:

”Let’s be clear, the future doesn’t just happen; the future is built by us, a powerful community right here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

The ultimate goal of these megalomaniacs is to gain total control over the world’s natural resources, financial resources and to replace humans with transhuman robots.






Machine translation, quotes

The ten points of the Nuremberg Code

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned must have the legal capacity to give consent, be in a position to exercise his or her free choice without the involvement of any element of force, fraud, deception, coercion, persuasion or any other form of compulsion or duress;


The latter provision requires the subject to be informed, before accepting a positive decision, of the nature, duration and purpose of the experiment, of the method and means by which it will be carried out, of any inconvenience or danger which may reasonably be expected, and of the effects on his or her health or person which may result from his or her participation in the experiment.


The duty and responsibility for verifying the quality of consent rests with each person who initiates, directs or participates in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility that cannot be delegated to someone else with impunity.


2. the experiment should be such as to produce fruitful results for the good of society, which cannot be controlled by other methods or means of study, and which are not random and unnecessary in nature.


3. the experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experiments and knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem being studied that the expected results justify the conduct of the experiment.


4. The experiment should be conducted in such a way as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.


5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except perhaps in those experiments in which the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.


6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.


7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.


8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required throughout all stages of the experiment by those performing or participating in the experiment.


9. During the course of the experiment, the human subject should be free to terminate the experiment if he has reached a physical or mental state in which continuation of the experiment seems impossible to him.


10. During the course of the experiment, the responsible researcher must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him, that continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability or death to the human subject.


Source: BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL No 7070, Volume 313: page 1448, 7 December 1996.


Source of the above quotation





The legal order which, according to the notifier, fully applies in this prosecution case

The Swedish Constitution, which is superior to all other Swedish law, and in particular the Swedish Constitution 11:14(for courts) and 12:10(which applies to authorities, such as the Prosecution Authority in Sweden, which is not a court)


The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is an EU legal act, which applies as directly applicable Swedish law, together with the case law of the European Court of Justice, must be ensured in the complete and legally secure handling of cases by the Prosecution Service in Sweden, particularly when based on the principle of subsidiarity.

Principle, see in particular Regeringsformen 12:10, which applies in full to the Prosecution Service in Sweden.


Reminds in particular of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU rights contained therein, Swedish law having direct effect, the overriding Swedish constitution, the Regeringsformen, and therein in particular inter alia Article 41

You can find the Charter of Rights here






Article 41 Right to good administration

1. Everyone has the right to have his or her affairs handled impartially, fairly and within a reasonable time by the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union.

This right shall include, inter alia: (a) the right to be heard before any individual measure which would adversely affect him or her is taken; (b) the right of access to the files which concern him or her, subject to the legitimate interests of confidentiality, professional secrecy and business confidentiality; (c) the duty of the administration to state the reasons for its decisions.

3. Every person has the right to receive compensation from the Union for damage caused by its institutions or by its servants in the performance of their duties, in accordance with the general principles common to the laws of the Member States.

4. Every person shall be able to address the institutions of the Union in one of the languages of the Treaties and shall receive an answer in the same language.

End quote


Of particular note, these EU rights are owned by EU citizens, i.e. all citizens of the nation of Sweden, and the violator of the Charter of Rights has the burden of proof if the violator, in this case/prosecution, the Prosecution Service in Sweden, again intends to violate, withhold and omit e.g. Article 41 (or for that matter any other article of the Charter of Rights).

Thus, as the Prosecution Authority in Sweden has done generally and systematically in previous prosecution complaints made by Ass Professor Doctor Björn Hammarskjöld and Ulf Bittner.


SAID TO BE PROVEN THAT THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE IN SWEDEN, headed by the Attorney General Petra Lundh, has demonstrably withheld and failed to comply with EU rights in previous prosecution complaints, made by Björn Hammarskjöld and Ulf Bittner, the burden of proof being

- to prove the contrary is owned by the violator of EU rights, namely the Attorney General Petra Lundh, and in this respect a particularly full and legally sound DECISION with reference to the Administrative Court is requested very urgently.


If you have any questions, please read again all the SWEDEN REGISTERED mass mailings with all information and data, which are duly registered by the Registrar at the Stockholm headquarters, the Prosecution Authority of Sweden, and furthermore duly registered by the Registrar of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Questions may also be answered by the undersigned and the witnesses cited in the prosecution’s complaint

Registrants/contact details, please ensure that all registrants receive the requested information by e-mail, see introduction


Ulf Bittner

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